Science Channel Premieres New Episode of Outrageous Acts of Science

Science Channel's fast-paced countdown series OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE is back with more mind-boggling experiments, extraordinary inventions and jaw-dropping scientific stunts. All across the internet, self-appointed scientists are filming their OUTRAGEOUS experiments and misadventures. Our team of top Science brains is ready to analyze the how and why and to choose the very best. Forget everything you thought you knew about Science when OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE returns tonight, June 20th at 10PM ET/PT on Science Channel.

In this season, producers continue to scour the web for the most shocking stunts and mind-blowing displays of Science in action. Each episode counts down twenty clips while a team of real-life scientists breaks down the principles behind the backyard experiments. Our team of OUTRAGEOUS experts includes returning favorites like astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi and physicist Debbie Berebichez.

In the premiere episode, "Fact or Fiction," our Science brainiacs play detective as they separate Science fact from Science fiction. Applying the principles of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering, they break down videos that seem too OUTRAGEOUS to be true.

OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF Science is produced for Science Channel by October Films. For October Films, the executive producers are Denman Rooke and Gareth Cornick. For Science Channel, Wyatt Channell is executive producer and Jeffrey Stepp is coordinating producer. Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production.