Together with Moody’s Foundation and an executive team from Girls Inc., Debbie helped develop the first data science curriculum for high school girls in the United States. The engaging content helps girls develop their STEM skills in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. 

Debbie was a Global Ambassador for Technovation Challenge, the longest running and largest tech competition for young women in the world. As part of her outreach efforts, she taught high school girls from under-served communities how to code science-based mobile apps and start high-tech companies based on them.

Debbie is also a founding member of the Advisory Board of MENTE, Costa Rica's technology program for women, which was created after she proposed it during her TED Costa Rica speech in 2013 . Debbie is also an Advisory Board member of The Scientista Foundation where she works to empower pre-professional women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through content, communities, and conferences.