“Last March 21 Debbie Berebichez talked before a spell-bound audience of young and old.  As a Scientist, she has a rare ability to touch people in a human way with her heart felt inspirational story.  Although she was born outside the country, her story of overcoming hurdles and tradition is really a story of what makes America great.  I wish more young people and certainly more women could be inspired by hearing her message of breaking into the needed world of Science.  Her talk was riveting enough, that I could to this day repeat a number of her anecdotes.   She is as good at spontaneous Q and A as she is with her PPT backed prepared talk.   She is definitely a speaker we want to get back in the future. “
– Eric Krieg, program committee chairman of PhACT   Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking


"Debbie was truly inspirational. She was the keynote speaker of a week-long study trip to Silicon Valley program aimed for the best and brightest college students from Mexico (Talentum). We considered Debbie as the best example of an extraordinary Mexican woman in STEM. I am sure her magnificent work impacted the lives of the 60 students who now have expanded their horizons."
– Daniela Rubio, Associate Professor - CIDE Executive Coordinator of Talentum U Program


“She is an extraordinarily warm and approachable person, a wonderful ambassador for science and reason."
– Becky Strickland, PhACT


“I have had the pleasure of hearing Debbie speak a number of times and each time is more inspiring that the last. She is always well prepared, composed and engaged in her talks. She can read the energy of a crowd well and adjust to accordingly. She is humble and motivating and I look forward to hearing her speak in the future.” 
– Thea Charles, Project Director at Girls Inc. Of New York City


"I want to take this time to thank you for your incredible presentation to our students yesterday. According to the informal feedback from my students, your message really resonated with them. Your passion for what you do is clearly evident. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you again soon."
– Dan Smalley, Physics Teacher, John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science